Japanese Restaurant Kayo, Virginia, USA

― Does it start with light or darkness? ―

-Does it start with light or darkness?

The West starts with light and creates a space by blocking the light.
The Orient (Japan) creates a space as if looking at life in the darkness and paying close attention to the darkness. Light is as important and important as a drop of water.

Eyes get used to the darkness little by little, and we feel that the creatures wriggling there.

Here, I did not expose the light source as much as possible, and only considered what kind of darkness was suitable for this place.

― 光から始まるのか、闇から始まるのか ―





  • SERVICES : Japanese Restaurant
  • LOCATION : Christiansburg, VA, USA
  • SIZE : - ft² / 130m²


  • DESIGNER : CUBO/Virginia Polytechnic
    and State University Master of Architecture
  • CONTRACTOR : Phillip Pasqualino
    /Intention and Extension
  • LIGHTING DESIGNER : Phillip Pasqualino


  • MATERIAL : Plaster with sand(砂入ジョイントコンパウンド)
    Golden foil(金箔)
    Steel I-beam(H鋼)
    Polyurethane + Aqueous synthetic resin paint(ウレタン塗料+水性エマルジョン塗料)
  • POINTS : Since I was a master's student, I designed it with almost no reward.
    Initially I was planning to work with a local carpenter, but he gave up because he couldn't understand my ideas.

    After that, I decided to proceed with joint design and construction with Mr. Philip, a carpenter and artist who is also a graduate of Virginia Tech.

    It took 6 months and my graduation was greatly delayed.

    Without this project, I wouldn't be able to talk about my life after that. An important first step.

    (I was told that it is too dark from the health inspector, and downlights are unavoidably added, health inspactor and fire departments come to check frequently, and due to budgetary reasons, I travel to other states to find used kitchen equipment by myself several times by car.
    Even just increasing the gas capacity makes it difficult to complete the procedures.
    In addition, the air supply / exhaust distance was insufficient, fire inspector requested us to correct it. .. .. Even if I didn't know anything, I am so proud now that I told clients "Leave the project to me.!"


    その後同じVirginia Techの建築学部の卒業生でもあるカーペンター&アーティストのフィリップ氏と共同設計及び共同施工で進めることに。


    ガスの容量増やすだけでも、手続きや立ち合いで苦労し、給気口と排気口の距離が足りないと消防官に是正を求められ。。。 何も知らなくても、「出来ます!」と応えたその時の自分を眩しく感じる。)