NEWS - 2021-08-26

Glass Competition Selected!

2020 ガラスコンペで入選いたしました

― House with window frost

― 窓霜の家

Our idea was selected in Glass competition by Nippon Electric Glass Co. ,Ltd. Participating in a competition that depicts not what we can do now, but what we wish to have in the future, not only is it fun, but we also feel the importance of looking at the surroundings freshly through interaction with the participants. I would like to continue to actively interact with people of different generations. Every time I meet a prominent artist or a world-class architect, I admire their childlike innocence, but it goes without saying that they are the source of creativity. There is nothing that I am certain.

日本電気硝子工業主催のコンペにて入選いたしました。 今何ができるか、ではなく、こんな未来があったら、という事を描くコンペに参加して、楽しいだけでなく、参加者との交流を通じて、新鮮に周囲を見る視点の重要さを改めて感じる。今後も積極的に世代の違う方と交流したい。 著名なアーティストや世界的な建築家に会うたびに、彼らの子供のような無垢さに感嘆するが、言うまでもなくそれらが創造の源泉である。 There is nothing that I am certain.