PRODUCTS - 2021-09-01

Ocean dyeing


― Remember the ebb and flow of the tide

― 潮の満ち引きを記憶する

I tried to see if I could catch the ebb and flow of the tide with some material in the sea that I had been thinking about for a long time. It was the spring of 2017. Three types of steel sheets-black skin, pickling, zinc plating-how these frequently used steel sheets change, I gently inserted them into the sandy beach and waited for about 4 hours. When approaching after 4 hours, of the three types of steel sheets, pickled steel and blackened steel had already been oxidized, and the area that had been hit by the waves began to turn a little brown. On the way back, many images ran through my  head.

潮の満ち引きを何らかの素材で受け止められないか、その思いをようやく実行してみた。2017年の春のことである。 3種類の鋼板ー黒皮、酸洗、亜鉛メッキーよく使用するこれらの鋼板がどのように変化するのか、そーっと砂浜に差しこみ待った。 4時間後近づいてみると、3種類の鋼板の内、既に酸洗と黒皮は酸化していて、波に打たれていたあたりは、少し茶色く変化し始めていた。 帰り道、たくさんのイメージが頭の中を駆け巡った。