Meeting Hut Design, Cincinnati, Ohio


― Rotating Roof ―

The glass on one side, the roof, and the solid wall made of brick, these three elements expand the glass surface toward the back of the four meeting buildings, and the roof with a timber frame structure were designed to rotate clockwise, that is, the roof rotates little by little when looking from the first building to the back.

In a medical center where human evolution is the whole concept, this meeting building was captured and designed like a part of the body organs.

― 回転する屋根 ―




  • SERVICES : Medical Center
  • LOCATION : Cincinnati, Ohio
  • SIZE : - ft² / 200m²
  • URL :


  • DESIGNER : CUBO/with STUDIOS Architecture


  • MATERIAL : Brick(レンガ)
    Timber Frame Beam(木造梁)
  • POINTS : The joint between the brick wall and the ceiling is not horizontal, but is tilted toward the back, and the more these four buildings go to the back, the more the roof and the brick wall are shaped to be buried in the ground.

    In other words, it was designed so that a cylindrical organ popped out of the ground.

    The difference in the shape of the four buildings is a difference in the feeling of openness so that people can choose according to their mood.
    In addition, it was designed to have a sense of unity in conjunction with the open design of the atrium in the back.